Photography is something I’ve wanted to do my entire life. It started at a very young age, but was put on hold after being told about the cost.

In 2011, my girlfriend wanted to be a model. In helping her achieve her goal, I again found my love for photography. In July of 2012, I bought my first camera, and haven’t put it down since.

Today, I shoot weddings, events, live music, family portraits, babies, models, landscapes, anything I can find beauty in or income from. It’s a great way for a techie like me to have a creative outlet. It also appeals to my need to please, and improve the lives of those around me. There’s honestly nothing that I can think of that I enjoy more in life.

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SEO is something I’ve learned along the way. A way to survive without wasting tons of cash on the Yellow Pages.

Beyond what I’ve learned through trial and error, is everything I learned at a local finance company. The CEO of that company taught me things that people who think they know SEO have never even thought of. To say I enjoy  SEO would be a lie. The reward is always delayed, measured in small increments, and in practice, it’s lonely. However, if you’d like to pick my brain on the subject, I’m available for an hourly consulting rate.




Computer Repair

More than a decade of experience in computer repair and maintenance including laptop parts, operating system support, virus and malware removal, setup & configuration, and preventative maintenance, it’s something I’ll always do.

I’ve run my own business since 2007. It’s not something I ever intended on growing beyond myself, but this was the start of my entrepeneurialism that I intend to keep alive.




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